Who we are

Meet the Anomalous Team

After many years in the development industry and surviving the corporate world Donovan decided to pack up his possessions, dogs and wife, Jo-anne and move to the Western Cape and settle on a farm. Proteas and fynbos the backdrop to his office. From here they set up their offices with the intention of maintaining a more intimate and personal relationship with their clients and offering them “out-of-the-box” and innovative ideas and services – hence the name a·nom·a·lous   : unusual, uncommon and irregular.

We do not want to be a one-stop-shop service provider but rather focus on development at its purest and most base level. Quality over quantity.

Our aim is to create, not decorate!

We sustain strategic and result driven relationships with other professionals in Design, SEO and other accompanying complementary services. We keep up to date and strive to be at the top of our game in this ever changing and competitive service.

Stagnation in services and knowledge is to languish in obscurity.

Individuals can and do make a difference, but it takes a team to really mess things up.

Donovan Maidens
Founder and Developer
Donovan “The Brain” Maidens. He envisioned a future where he and Jo-anne could be their own bosses, have one or two subordinates to cater to their whims and to do all this from their home office. Working and living in the same space can have it’s own set of challenges but over time they have managed to achieve much success and are going from strength to strength, learning how to balance private and work life and offering their clients the best in quality & service. Donovans skills include but are not limited to : JavaScript, PHP, WordPress and Node.js. He also makes an awesome cup of frothy coffee.

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Jo-Anne Maidens
Joanne Maidens
Traffic & Development
Jo-anne Maidens.
Resident translator of “Don-speak”, goal setter and all-rounder in the office. Keeps everything moving smoothly and initiates actual conversation should Don get too bogged down in the world of code and forgets where he is. Without her the office would lose touch with the actual physical world and targets would be missed. Jo keeps the screws firmly attached on the wheels in the business…without her they would fall off.
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Carolyn Groenewald
Wordpress & Development
Carolyn works on a contract basis for us whilst juggling kiddies and their accompanying activities – We have allowed her work schedule to be molded around her children and their activities because here at Anomalous we truly do believe woman really can have it all. Carolyn fits in with overflow work concentrating mainly on css, bootstrap and wordpress projects and maintains our online social exposure.
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Marilyn Parkin
Every business needs that one person behind the scenes that checks for errors made by those that just can’t spell or punctuate, that keeps the books correct and orderly for the accountant and who has that eye for picking up all the boo-boo’s before they get sent to the client …enter… Marilyn “Dont tell me what to do” Parkin. Please note: Marilyn has had no part in this blurb and in no way any of the blogs posted by Carolyn. Marilyn has a keen eye for errors and quality control, without her we would drown in grammatical and punctuation errors.