We all do it, sit and contemplate our existence and wonder ” is my awesome meant  to be sporadically shared or will it get direction and be concentrated awesome?” I often contemplate this and the ingredients of life and usually at 3:45am most mornings with a cup of coffee and a “dunker”, which is either a ouma’s rusk or some sort of biscuit.

These contemplation moments prompted me to start these blogs – that and when Don said “just do something for anomalous every now and then”, I took this as meaning ‘please use anomalous as your platform to share your awesomeness”.

I am digressing again and going off topic but I just have to mention that on the 8/8/2014 at 12:13am Don said these words out loud : “Carolyn, I hate to admit this, but I think you are right”. I have to post this into cyber space for prosperity otherwise what is my platform for?

Ok, back on topic.

Contemplation in my opinion is a vital ingredient in making the foundation of your life and the essence of you. Without contemplation we are “vanilla” beings. When I call someone vanilla it suggests that a person is without flavour, without much character or animation. My flavour is rocky road but with chocolate chunks in too, Don’s flavour is caramel and chocolate, rich and flavoursome, because lets face it his mind is a place rich with knowledge, and Jo is strawberry and cream because she is sweet and smooth.  I cannot be around vanilla people much as they disorientate me a little, I get confused as to why they choose to be vanilla when they could maybe be rum ‘n raisin or chocolate swirl. When I make contact with one of these vanilla beings I sit later that day and contemplate them too.

There is a very vanilla mom at my sons school, she distresses me a lot and I sometimes have an overwhelming desire to walk over to her and give her a huge rocky road hug, offer her a glass of wine and smoke and say “lets go get hammered”. She drives the latest mommy taxi, has lovely blonde hair, enviable figure and financially stable life. Has 4 very lovely children, a live in nanny and maid but always looks like someone has died.She literally looks like she she lost someone close to her – a too easy life has made her vanilla and drained her of her essence. This would naturally distress most people, right?

Most distressing was that I used to be almost vanilla – void of much flavour, luckily I woke up and re discovered my chocolate chunks and re awakened my essence.Phew, can you imagine what Don would have done without me had I not woken up?

So basically what I am suggesting is that contemplation is key and discovering and adding to your vanilla is vital to your awesome. So be whatever flavour you want…just don’t settle on vanilla!