It has been a while since I last made an entry – it has been busy this side and at the office. The month up to closing for the year and the festive season was chaotic. All jobs that had previously been lying about with not much haste now becomes of utmost importance and there is a tangible feeling of panic that sets in when clients realise, hey, this better get done before the new year begins.

Before when pleading was the order of the day to get final proofs and images and content sent through became an onslaught of content in our direction near the date of closing time – who to place at the top of the list of importance? Every client feels they are of the utmost importance and you like to make sure they keep feeling this way – even if it means it gives you sleepless nights and a few grey hairs in the process. Keeping the client happy is something we like to keep maintained but there is always someone that manages to fall through the cracks and whom we have to placate. You realise that this is the order of the day and the nature of the beast, as they say.  You just cannot, no matter how hard you try, keep everyone happy. Ask Jo and Don, they try, they really do, but there is only so much Don and Jo to go around. When it becomes just too much and they start feeling overwhelmed that’s where I come in, here at my home office. I try ease the load where possible and help out as far as my skill set can stretch where they need it to go.

Just before starting the year proper we had a little company meeting to outline where we were hoping to head in 2017, where we didn’t want to be and where we noticed we were going wrong.

It is of utmost importance, especially in a small boutique sized business with minimal staff, stretched way beyond what is expected, to plan, outline and strategies the direction and means in which they plan to head. That saying- “work smart not hard”- has never been more salient.


For this remote worker 2017 is going to be rather challenging and will involve an abundance of time management and clever shuffling of work space and time slots.  We have a new family member that will be making an appearance in just under 6 months’ time, a member that is sure to create much chaos, life changes and priority shifts. Before this new member makes their appearance this remote worker hopes her brain does not become too mushy in the process. My work diary (thank you Jo) and exam pad, I think, will become my constant companion where I will have to jot everything down for fear of forgetting even the smallest thing. Just the other day I forgot my online banking password and had to go foraging amongst my old diaries trying to locate where I had written it down. Let’s take into account that I am a regular online banker so forgetting this password, that I use on an at least 2x weekly basis should not have been forgotten due to repetitive use – this does not bode well for me. I have a feeling I will be getting many “slack”( messages with little reminders from Jo and Don. Let’s all be thankful that heading our company lays firmly on Jo and Dons shoulders.


2017 is going to see both Anomalous and WPZA – our WordPress Maintenance business end of things- doing a complete spring clean of tactics and implementation. Keeping our skill offer more in line with quality over quantity and keeping ourselves from not stretching ourselves too thin, rather offering less in service options but with undiluted implementation.

2017 is sure to be an interesting year for all of us and we hope our clients get to reap the benefits of our new mind set and service offerings : working smarter, offering less in options yet delivering so much more and, most importantly, appreciating our service and ourselves more which in the long run makes for happier workers which also makes for happier clients and a first rate service.


Hope 2017 is successful for our clients, old and new.

Anomalous wish all South Africans good health during this precarious time. For more information regarding COVID-19 in South Africa, please visit