It’s been a few months now that I have been doing the remote worker thing and it’s working out really well. I first thought I would get lonely, sitting here all on my own with no one around to chit chat with but I have discovered that I am actually pretty efficient when alone as I am easily distracted by others and I sort of like my own company and that of my canine babies. The only thing to distract me here is my dogs, my husband when he is doing his admin days in his home office and the constant, back of the mind thoughts of “sh*t, there is a pile of laundry and dishes that still need doing”. Mondays,Tuesdays and every alternate Friday are short days as kiddies need collecting, homework needs supervising and my version of a homemade wholesome meal needs prepping.The other days are full days – like full until it gets dark, depending on the work being done and how long one of my pre-project melt downs take, kind of full days. These melt downs are an intricate ingredient to me accomplishing something new and challenging.

Exhausting but necessary.

Jo and Don have become accustomed to me not being in the office too, they no longer pine after my vivifying presence. I don’t know I feel about this. Having your “viviness” forgotten does not emit warm fuzzy feelings within me. Apparently they get more done without me there too. Luckily I can transmit some of my “viviness” via slack, skype, email or whatsapp – the joys of modern communication and the many ways to share ones “viviness”.

I’m sitting here, typing this whilst listening to the fish tank humming, my dogs ripping the cr*p out of my newly planted garden and the cars whizzing by on the main road into Hermanus. I feel lucky to have the opportunity of working from a home office and not having to drive to my office, get dressed into something socially acceptable and instead work in my ugliest pair of stained jeans with my daughters slippers on and popping into my kitchen every so often to put on another pot of coffee. The way I see it, either you pay rent monthly for a home or pay off a monthly bond – you want to at least be in the place for more hours in the day than not. Seems insane, right, to be away from the place you spend most of your paycheck on monthly? I’m getting my monies worth by working from home. At least this is the way I see it, I know many disagree and would be horrified to have to spend each and every day, morning till afternoon or evening stuck at home, never clapping eyes on another person, just themselves and their computer screen for company.

Maybe I’m becoming a recluse? I think I might be because I am thriving in this environment – absolutely loving it!I even have potting trays with stuff growing from them, which I tend, admire and talk to in my “get up and stretch” breaks.

The kids love it too as this means mommy has the time, when the inspiration grabs hold, to prepare them something yummy for after school nibbles.I get to do this now – it’s fabulous.

The dogs love it. Before they were left alone at home for hours in a day, now they get to sit with me in my office and have me around all day long – they hardly get the chance to miss me as I am mostly always around – this can only be terrific for them too.

Life as a remote worker is good. I can find no negatives worthy of a mention – well maybe the fact that I miss out on coffee and cake and other nibbles that get enjoyed by Jo and Don and co during their mid morning coffee breaks but this I can live with, it’s a small sacrifice to make for the all the positives that being a remote worker allows me to enjoy. I will just have to make sure they have something to offer when I go for my bi monthly office check in – the offering will have to be really scrumptious.

So, from this very happy and content remote worker – Adios Amigos! Popping into the house now to make me another cup of coffee and to put on another pair of socks to warm my cold feet.

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