Patience, it’s bitter but its fruits are sweet…or so they say.

Patience is not one of my most easily come by qualities. It has eluded me for many years but age has brought me closer to its sweet fruits.
I sometimes “fake it till I make it” in certain situations and many assume I am this patient, calm and easy going chick. I’m anything but. Inside I am kicking and screaming and cursing – “Let me out”.

Work has taught me to be patient with certain people. Don keeps reminding me that patience with “special” people is a virtue and I must work on it. I struggle with it daily.

Patience when my children are tugging at my Explode-a-meter can be trying but then I remember they are kids and it’s what they do when they are bored or moody. I just think back to when they were cute and chubby, look into their gorgeous blue eyes (my children are shockingly good looking specimens) and forgive them for trying to test mommy’s patience.

Patience when shopping. Now this one freaks me out, like when two ladies of leisure decide to stop side by side in the aisle and have a proper natter about something and pretending to not see me coming their way, hurried and harassed down the aisle towards them. I stop, wait patiently, after saying “excuse me, can I pass?” , politely, as my mother taught me while absorbing their annoyed up and down stare…like I had the audacity of being there at that exact moment and breaking up their little tea party. Its moments like this that when the little voice in my head really gets hysterical and tries to force out some select words in their direction. But….I stomp that voice down, smile and say, “why, thank you” and go on my merry way. Grinding my teeth, clenching my jaw.

The dentists love me. They say I am chipping away at my teeth and destroying the integrity of my chompers. Falsies in a few years I’m thinking. I’ll have nice, perfectly white ones…can’t wait.

I wish I had the patience to sit and actually enjoy some sort of beauty that surrounds me but I get impatient…I mean something needs to be done, there always is, and it can’t possible wait till later. As I try and sit and enjoy looking at a mountain or another view my list in my head is growing to the point I start getting short of breath, my skin itches and I want to start crying. Impatience to get going usually wins but I am getting better at it. Just the other day I sat for 10 minutes looking at a family of Franklins. It almost killed me but I did it.

Impatience at service providers. I shan’t name names but…hint…they promise to enrich your life. Now these people have really tested my patience. I don’t know if I should maybe send them a thank you email.

Another service provider gem – my mobile phone providers. These people are such darlings, really care and go the extra mile, so condescending – nothing opens the patience flood gates like them. I shall send them a thank you email too. They have really put my patience meter to the test – they deserve my thanks.

I should go and sit down somewhere quiet and reflect but I haven’t got the patience for that right now – I have things to do and my list is getting longer by the minute.

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