Entry 1

So, it was decided that I should work remotely, save for one morning a week where I would go into the office to touch base, have any meetings that needed to be held and converse with actual real people. This idea has me excited as I am most productive when left alone, in my own world and schedules with nothing to divert my attention…like coffee and dunker breaks, gossip and anything else that may take my attention away from the tasks at hand..also, it leaves me the space to have my usual “holy snot balls, I forgot how to code”, pre project meltdowns with no witnesses.

I have mentioned before that these are vital to the completion of projects – it forces, kicking and screaming, all the knowledge and creativity needed. It’s exhausting but we all have our processes..mine happens to involve a touch of foul language, snot and tears, with a little hair pulling added for extra dramatic flair. Life is nothing without a little dramatic flair.

Today my day started so swimmingly well. Billy allowed me to stretch and kick my way into the working day with my usual (but recently neglected) tae bo early morning session. Billy knows me so well and manages to send me off on my day ready to take it on like a BOSS….with, hopefully soon, buns of steel. Oh, Billy, what would I do without you?

After Billy had his way with me I did the fastest house sweep through this side of the Overberg, hacking, as I went on my way on my dogs hair balls – eish, must remember to move things about and remove mounting hair balls hidden under stuff. Note to self : do this tomorrow after Billy’s Boot Camp workout.

I managed to put a load of washing on and hang stuff washed yesterday morning that I had forgotten about – it was Sunday and Sunday is for rest. All this before 8:30am. I certainly do rock.

I have to cram in as much as possible on Mondays and Tuesdays and every alternate Friday as my babies return home from school at 2pm and all ideas or attempts at work are put aside, in its place, lunch, homework, dinner prep and general chit chat and hanging with the kiddies.

So far my only concern is how they will miss me at the office. It will be an adjustment period for them and a small period of mourning but it will make them stronger and build even more character.
I have faith they can do it.

Anomalous wish all South Africans good health during this precarious time. For more information regarding COVID-19 in South Africa, please visit https://sacoronavirus.co.za.