Many, I am sure, have been observing over Facebook and other social media avenues the veld fires that have ravaged our mountains and greedily eaten away at our fauna and flora over the weekend. Hermanus, Meerensee, Botrivier, Houw Hoek etc were badly burnt sending many animals scurrying away in fear..many not making it.

unNatural disasters such as this manages to expose the many people out there willing to lend a hand, renewing our faith in human decency and kindness where before we may have lost hope just a bit.

unNatural as it is expected that at least one of these fires was started on purpose, for what reason I shall never understand fully. It would take a pretty debased human being to ignite a fire with the express purpose of watching everything be annihilated in its path for the sheer hell of it. I am not alone in the desire to be left alone in a room with these individuals with a weapon of justice in my hand and to mete it out without fear of being disturbed or held back. A just deserved punishment for those with the sole purpose of destruction, death and ruination – what would be the best punishment for individuals like this?

This flaming hot activity over the weekend managed to yet again prove the importance, power and significance of social media. I managed to keep updated on the various fires on a minute by minute basis. People keeping people updated with imagery and commentary. Before anything was mentioned on the radio I knew step by step what was being done and by whom. How did we manage before social media sunk its information congested claws into us?

I know many a purist that stays far and wide from social media as they feel it is depraved and exposes us to far too many evils but my response to them is – you still have control over your senses and if you choose to use social media to fill your head with nonsensical rubbish, that is your doing – you need not take part, no one is forcing your hand to read fatuous rubbish. Be discerning with what you cram your head with, this choice has not been taken from you.

I use social media for both business and personal use and find it rewarding and one of the most powerful tools if used correctly and intelligently.
Anything good can be used for inane or unsavoury purposes – it is the way of the human to make what was once good and make it bad but the choice is ours whether the rest of us follow suit.

Use the tools on hand with purpose that is driven by need for gaining and sharing knowledge.No one has forced your hand to do otherwise.

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