It’s not often we get little gifts sent to us from clients( Discover Great Coffee Club) so when they do arrive we toss civility to the side and rip into the package of preciousness with much enthusiasm and childlike delight.

Christmas came early for us, here at Anomalous, in the form of a box filled with caffeine delight, a Lindt chocolate (with sesame seeds so must be healthy), and a magazine to read whilst consuming the aforementioned goodies, packaged and sent by Iain & Melanie of True North Media.

Don made a great show at performing the task of brewing one of the bags – our first being the Rwanda & Ethiopian original blend from Motherland Of Coffee. Whilst brewing this blend he mentioned to himself out loud what a pity he was not a master brewer and he was not paying proper respect to the blend with his “layman” brewing skills. Jo immediately told him to put these thoughts aside as he was 1. A developer of all things Computer related, not coffee and 2. He had no time to learn the art of coffee making as point 1 left him no spare time to do this and he would have to make do with his “pedestrian” coffee machine for the time being and to put this aspiration on his bucket list for another time. With pout firmly placed on face he continued on his way brewing with in-proper machinery and lackluster skills.

His lack of skill must have been purely in his head and the machine not as pedestrian as thought…or..the blend is fool-proof and just that good because we thoroughly enjoyed our cup of caffeine gratification – every last drop of it. It was neither too strong, nor bitter – the perfect symphony of caffeine kick and taste. I think we shall be swapping our usual early morning, “before we can even think about working” cup of pod coffee with the (obligatory) froth that Don has to include for some original Rwanda & Ethiopian blend every morning.
We have 4 other blends to taste and we cannot wait for the ceremonial brewing.
I’m just wondering when Don will break the seal of the chocolate and share it out among the rest of us.

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