If anyone has followed any of my previous posts you would see a pattern that may have formed – my love hate relationship with my dear ol’ friend – Bootstrap!

There is a new version out, did you know this? I’m still getting to drips with the previous version, dammit and now they bring out another!
The entire issue with my relationship with bootstrap is that due to the awesomeness of Anomalous and The Brain ( aka Don), wanting, no, needing to pass on his knowledge to the rest of us is that I never get a good block of time to work on IT as we offer clients such a wide range of services, my favourite being analytics (love those graphs), anything SEO related and online presence – I’m comfy here…this is my hood.
The Brain was smiling, as a cat would that had just pounced on a little mouse after a long hard chase, just the other day, and I know from past experiences that he reserves these species of smiles when he has something to tell me that he knows will make me want to eat an entire custard slice whilst scratching the hives that will inevitably burst forth when under pressure. I think he likes these occasions just a little too much.
Jo immediately goes and rummages through her medical supplies for anti-itch creams and lotions.
HE wants me to get acquainted with PHP!

Now, like most others in this industry, I realise the importance of being an all-rounder, I really do but there are certain sectors of functionality that should just stay in The Brains corner. There is a reason why he is The Brain, right? Jo and I may as well name ourselves, Brain 2 & 3. Jo and I are quite okay with HIM getting the accolades and praise – we don’t mind being the busy worker bees in the background. It flies quite well with us. We prefer it. HE mustn’t go messing with what works.

It’s like taking a perfectly good, classic chocolate bar that has been a firm favourite with many a people, for many a year and going ahead and inserting another, funky ingredient – it’s not right. It worked before – why mess with it?

Now, before many accuse me of not liking change, not going with the flow and not rising to any challenges – I say, sit down, keep those thoughts and accusations to yourselves – I’m the queen of change and rising to such. I live my life ready to take on change, uncertainty and challenges. Just ask those in my inner circle (it’s not many but like Jo says, rather quality than quantity) my life is the very definition of challenge and constant change. It’s how I roll. It’s my funky tune.

But, I go forth, one hand scratching a hive and the other firmly placed on my trusty mouse, reading up on Bootstrap (the new version) and PHP – my future cause of hives and consumption of custard slices.

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