There is both an up and a down side to working for/with/alongside ones family.

UP: They are more inclined to appreciate any of the curve balls life tends to throw in your way and far more accommodating  and flexible with your work schedule should these curve balls mess with your daily routine.

DOWN: They know you very well and therefore all your quirks and tendencies so you can’t go pulling anything over their eyes- which leads me to the leash lengthening situation.

Don has lengthened my leash quit a bit. He has allowed me to tinker and break things with strict instructions to only “break that which I can fix”. He has lately developed a bodily twitch and I attribute these twitches to the fact that he hasn’t been doing his early morning walks and it’s his bodies way of rebelling not due to the leash lengthening horror filled doubts he may be having. No! He has the utmost faith in his new programming creation – ME!!!!

Don is really good at fixing things I break and I feel I am adding a little adventure and variation into his daily routine and keeping his skills honed and sharp – I’m a giver you see.

For some unfathomable reason though he won’t comply and allow me access to all his interesting stuff – like those jquery files and those other ones he puts code red flags on and threatens finger amputation should I go near them. I personally think the creation in making should be given a bigger playing field – yes, a few things will break but don’t boys like fixing things?

Like Kathryn Janeway from star trek Voyager(is there any other?) I am an explorer at heart and would like nothing better than to explore all the lovely coding wonders that Don so cutely keeps guarded and wish he would just, as 7 of 9 from Voyager would say “comply”. I would naturally have to shove the Prime Directive aside and do that which Kathryn would never allow – dominate, fiddle and alter ( I would so fiddle the j out of the query) but I have a feeling Kathryn would be proud.

Don still has a Vulcan like grip though and I don’t see him loosening much more any time soon which is I suppose what Captains do – they can’t go allowing too much freedom to their underlings – can you imagine the chaos and mayhem that would ensue? This is the Captains job and if they are to have an efficient, streamlined and functional environment they have to pull on those leashes every so often and remind us(me) who is in control and why. For now I shall wear my leash and imagine it to be studded with gorgeous turquoise stones (diamonds are not this girls best friend) and slowly but surely loosen that grip and stretch it as far as it will go before being yanked back (this is my nature and Don knows and appreciates this) and  put back on course before I break that which he can’t fix.

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