Have you ever had one? Do you know what one is?

A brain fart is when(you can have all 3 options below or one of them at a time):

  • your brain does not do as it should – as in body responds differently to what your brain messaged to it
  • you think then say when you shouldn’t have
  • you go stupid for a minute

I had the latter (my brain went stupid) when I sat down after an extended period away from Bootstrapping my way through my day as I had been “learning new stuff”(bless Don’s pure and innocent heart when he said one day a week we had to learn something new for FUN) and WordPressing my heart out. I sat in front of my Dream Weaver and NOTHING came to mind. My mind did a total runner on me and my fingers had nothing to type..and I mean nothing, not even putting in the starting html code. I sat staring at the horrifically empty white space that was begging to be filled with some sort of code but zilch came to mind. To say I had a momentary onslaught of terrifying emotion would be an understatement – I came out in hives and the base of my neck actually started sweating. I am due to turn out awesomeness in a weeks time – I can’t go having brain farts NOW!!!!!!! I am guessing online “help modules” will be my constant companion until the brain fart lifts and usual functionality returns otherwise I will have to come up with some sort of infectious bug that renders me unable to go into the office.

Anomalous wish all South Africans good health during this precarious time. For more information regarding COVID-19 in South Africa, please visit https://sacoronavirus.co.za.