So I am still basking in the glow of actually being accepted for financing by an institute (still in shock really) and I have a rather sexy, slightly mature Land Rover Freelander (whom I have nick named “Dora the Explorer”) that I will be able to call mine in about 5 years time…right now WesBank owns it. I have pre booked panic attacks and the such for this weekend., right now I choose to be happy for me.


I digress again…..

So I return from this uncommon experience of being approved for anything, still glowing and feeling all grown up only to be informed by Don “The Brain” that “Oh, I have great news for you, we are going to be doing things just a bit differently from now”. The moment these words escape his mouth I know I am in for a real treat. With a little under arm sweat forming and heart rate doing a sprint I ask “ahuh, and what changes are these now?” . Apparently pulling me kicking and screaming from Bootstrap version whatever into the next version whatever was not enough – he has to now drag me into this PURE apparently I should not panic, it’s basically the same….but not. One has to remember that I am most comfortable and at home with a WordPress theme and then taking this theme and as a person working with clay does…moulding it into whatever myself or the client wants – I am a fish in water here,  slap chips next to a piece of deep fried battered hake – it just goes and is where it should be. Looking back to when Don kicked me out of my comfort zone I did not do too badly and actually got into a rhythm of sorts ( naturally after my meltdown, snot and tears and panic attacks – these steps are essential when re programming the mindset) . The steps had to be put through their paces again when newer versions were implemented the moment I became too at ease and all was good in my world and work station. Naturally.

The steps have not been implemented just yet with the revealing of yet more changes – I shall wait and fit it into my panic attacks that I am saving for this weekend over being owned by WesBank. There is always room for more fun times.

I am pretty sure that once I have come to terms with re programming my brain to something different I shall fit right back into my slap chip ‘n  hake zone – things will be as they should be and I shall be a good little worker bee. Anomalous strives to always keep on track with trends and changes – we don’t want to be left behind, we want to be able to offer our clients exactly what they want and when they want it and we would like to be able to offer services that are competitive, forward moving and never stagnant.

Bring on the slap chips ‘n Hake!!!!






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