We have been developing WordPress themes for a few years now, we work mainly with our internal WordPress theme Monstrosity based on Bootstrap, Canvas theme from WooThemes and Genesis Theme from Studio Press.


We get the design from our Clients and then convert this design into one of the three parent themes we use for theme development. Our main parent theme is Monstrosity, and as the name suggests it has all the bells and whistles available with using a Bootstrap based theme.


This is all well and good for 90% of our work, and then after the site is developed we start looking at Mobile pages, SEO and site speed. It seems a bit back to front and I have slowly started seeing the need for a theme that is totally stripped down, free of Bootstrap bloat, free from the jQuery overhead. A theme that by its very nature is fast, SEO friendly t its core and employs a mobile first approach.


I recently discovered Pure CSS a framework from Yahoo that when minified and ZIPPED is 4.4Kb, also it is modular so could make it even faster. With it being a pure CSS framework, there are a few things missing (True responsive Menu) that could only be achieved by using some JavaScript, normally I would use jQuery six lines of code and the menu is truly responsive, but I forget about the few thousand lines of code from loading jQuery. So decide on a Pure JavaScript solution after some research and 50 lines of code I have it.


We are about 50% through the process of creating the new theme, we are using the base model (static code) for a client in the United Kingdom, where mobile, tablet and desktop are expertly designed and we will be able to iron out most of the teething issues. Then incorporate this new framework/theme into our production environment.


I don’t see the theme replacing our existing in-house themes, as our current process is working and a site is finished correctly, on-time and within budget but for the more bespoke website where a killer original UX/UI has been developed, and there is a need to have something lightning fast to carry the more intensive interface.


We are still trying to come up with a decent name for the new theme, I was joking the other day calling it the “Amazing Anomalous WordPress Theme, with chocolate sprinkles” but maybe that is a bit over the top, will have to come back to that, I think for the time being will call it project Thor. I will create a page for the project on our website to track its progress. Link to Project Thor.

Anomalous wish all South Africans good health during this precarious time. For more information regarding COVID-19 in South Africa, please visit https://sacoronavirus.co.za.