I was told this, alarmingly, by a financial institute when I went to go and see if anyone would help me finance a vehicle. My dear old loyal Tazzy is getting a little long in the tooth and our life style is just too much for her. Kiddies are getting big and all their accompanying sporting equipment and friends that seem to pile in when I am suckered into dropping off and collecting are getting a little too much for her too. Tazzy was bought with cold hard cash, and I was proud of this fact – Tazzy was mine and not the banks.

Tazzy is well known amongst the school kiddies that climb into her(without my consent) whilst waiting  between kids finishing times in the school parking lot. I start off with my son in the back chattering away (or sulking, depending on how good his day was) then when I look around I have at least 4 other kiddies who have appeared from frikkadel knows where also chattering and saying “oooh, is that a snack pack? I’m sooooo hungry”..she gets filled to capacity most days and she just can’t take it any more..truth be told, neither can I…Tazzy is way to cramped an old bird to handle these numbers.


I digress…I was chatting about debt! So off I go , slightly torn between having an ok car that is loyal and 100% paid off to upgrading to a still old model but slightly bigger car that I won’t own for another 4-5 years completely. The dilemma was weighing on me but I concluded that sometimes in life you just have to take the jump and become part of modern society and accumulate some debt. I started this road to credit history by getting a woolies card (and ravishing that baby big time – no moss got the chance to grow on this stone), then the big one of all….A CREDIT CARD!!!!!!!This card still gives me nightmares almost every evening while I should be dreaming of lovely flying faeries.

What got me onto this road of being the banks b*tch for life was my first attempt at financing a vehicle..I was told by the finance dude that “I didn’t really exist”…”you have to get debt to exist lady”. Apparently I had gone off the radar somewhere between my divorce and becoming independent and a single mommy. I then stated that I should actually be praised for living within my limits (these where scarily slim limits) and NOT being owned by the bank, but apparently not, you have to be seen to spend on credit and be seen to pay it off steadily and timeously every month. My daddy always said that banks were tantamount to Madams(you know the less than nice word) and by being in their grips you became an employee of said Madam, so naturally I was horrified I was being told I had to be employed by one….for life! I sit and await the phone call that could make me an employee of the Madam any time today.



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