This week Anomalous signed our biggest contract to date. Sugar the Agency contracted us to build a Web Application for Xpanda.


The application is a hybrid mobile web application that will double as a CRM and a lead management platform that will enable and equip the distributors with tools that will enable them to deliver on the Xpanda brand promise.


The application will be developed with Code Igniter as the backend framework, using Kendo UI for the Frontend Framework. Even though I have developed similar products in the past, this project will be my first true MVC application. I am very excited to get started.


I honestly feel the web is the right place to be developing applications, the various browsers are probably the most advanced pieces of software installed on a computer today. With the advancement of local storage, JavaScript Frameworks the modern browser is the right place for modern applications.


Working with Sugar has always been a joy, as I receive detailed application plans, UX and UI documentation, and the design is always world class.

Anomalous wish all South Africans good health during this precarious time. For more information regarding COVID-19 in South Africa, please visit