It’s day4 and I must say getting back into the swing of things has been arduous. I had spent 2 weeks sleeping in past 6am – and even if I didn’t actually sleep I read.
Pure blissful inactivity.

I miss you.

I bucked the system and didn’t force food down my throat between kiddie school drop off and work – I ate at any time I wanted.

I was a foodie rebel and I liked it.

I stayed in my “home rags” most of the day and made like a sloth, only putting adequate attire on if I left the house,  tinkering in my little garden, sitting outside with the dogs drinking coffee and watching the kids do endless handstands and back flips.

I didn’t make my bed every morning – I threw civilised living to the side and let it stay unmade – I let the bedding “breath”.

No more morning rush stations, moaning and throwing food at the kiddies before school and asking my son where his other school sock was and did he remember to put underwear on before he got dressed. No more hysterical requests from my daughter : “I have nothing to wear, come help me find something mom!” This is a common request and one I can’t quite understand as she has more clothing than me and NEVER takes my advice. I think I am used purely as an elimination process as to what NOT to wear under any circumstance.

No more walking on thin ice waiting for the resident People Deflector (aka Bernardus/hubby/step daddy) to awaken and drag himself out of bed with a half opened eye, stumbling into the kitchen, wondering why his coffee isn’t waiting already made.Why doesn’t a hot cup of java not magically appear as I enter? This is what I imagine is going through his head. “Don’t look at me before I have had my first sip”. The first sip always, magically, brings him to life. Just don’t approach the man before he is ready to accept communication and interaction of any sort.

Back into the swing of things – this is not going to be easy but eventually these sloth filled days of no time schedules and demands will fall away into distant memory and reality will fall into place once again and one will just get back onto the proverbial horse and carry on with the race.