For the past few months we have actively promoted our Agency type work. Agency work is where Anomalous become the development arm for design and advertising agency.

Imagine one of your clients comes to you with a question “We want you to help us generate a new marketing campaign, but we need an application that can track the progress of the agents and various social media platforms, can you help us?”

Now you know you can help them generate the campaign with the services you currently offer, but making applications is not part of your core offering. Now there are a few ways you could proceed.

  1. Pass on the business
  2. Employ a propeller head developer.
  3. Outsource to development house.
  4. Get a freelancer to get the work done for you.

Pass on the business, not likely as the client can find a full service agency, so that’s out.

Employ a developer, good idea but what happens after the contract is finished. Development is not part of your core offerings so now what.

Outsource now we are talking, but there are a few buts. Just like yourself they have major overheads and even though the quality of the work is superb it is reflected in the price.

Get a freelancer, this is a cost effective but this requires some management from your side. There are freelancers and then there are freelancers, some go the extra mile while others wake up at 1PM do a few hours’ work until the next day.

So what is the solution?

In an ideal world, you would have a permanent developer in-house, who you pay when you have the work, who delivers work like an agency and has creative freedom like a freelancer. Well that’s the perfect world, but that’s the same world where you can pay off your car with kisses and a smile.

What we offer at Anomalous is something that comes close to the ideal. If you want we could be the new development arm for your agency.

  • We offer a service where we could be completely transparent to your client.
  • You could introduce us as part of your core team.
  • All our interaction with the client is done under your brand.
    • With email addresses from your agency if you desire
    • Could have dedicated telephones for your clients to call for support.
    • The sky is the limit.

It requires a lot of trust on both sides. So we normally take on this role after a few successful jobs to see if we are a good fit. Contact me if you want to find out more.